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Category: Main/Marriage and Divorce
Etiquette of Married Life (1)Invalid Marriages (11)Polygamy (7)

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 Khula’: definition and how it is done 
Question: What is khula and what is the correct procedure? If the husband does not want to divorce the wife, can the divorce still happen? What about in societies like America, where women who don’t like their husbands (in some case, because the husbands are religious). The women think that they have the freedom that if they don’t like the men, they can divorce them.
Added on: 16-Feb-2005 Hits: 2550

  A marriage contract cannot be invalidated by the passage of time, no matter how long 
Question: Salam alekam brother, I am working in XXX. This year I went to my home country in XXX and got married over there. For some reason our marriage did not consummate at that time. We also gave a Walima party the next day of our wedding. I had to go back to XXX and report back to work. Now it has taken more than six (6) months to get my wife a visa to join me here. A friend was telling me that my marriage has become null and void since the marriage did not consummate for more than 6 months after the Nikkah (marriage). Is this true? Do I need to re-marry her when she joins me in XXX. Please advise me because my wife is going to arrive very soon. May Allah bless you for your good work you are doing to help the Muslims by giving them Islamic guidance related to their day to day problems in life. Thank you.
Added on: 20-Feb-2005 Hits: 1508

 Ruling on divorce at a moment of anger 
Question: A Muslim woman says that her husband has often said, in moments of intense anger, “You are divorced.” What is the ruling on that, especially as they have children?.
Added on: 23-Feb-2005 Hits: 1109

 Wants to marry Christian woman 
Question: I like one girl, and we are gonna get WED in future. My parents are fully agreed with my decision, so her parents. Everything is going alright. The problem I am encounted with is, "She is Christian." While discussing with each others, I have asked her to Embrace ISLAM, And I have been given many information regarding islam so she can understand each and everything, It seems she doesnt want to EMBRACE islam. As she said " I am very very strong christian, I just cannot accept any faith than christianity, I cannot become muslim. She doesnt eat pork, nor, does she drinks, She is a Chaste lady with her true feelings and a Clean heart. This is true that she has nothing against my faith. She is agree to accept me with my faith and she wants me accept her with her faith, and the children would be MUSLIMS. This is what we have decided so far. Some of my friend adviced me to FORCE her to EMBRACE ISLAM, Like threaten "I won't marry you if you dont Embrace islam" This is what my friend adviced me, But as far as I realize, This wouldnt be fair at all. please Tellme Should i force her to become muslim? I guess, to embrace islam she must have the feelings that ALLAH is one and she should have the real feelings instead of fake feelings. I dont want to force her cause I scare, that IF she becomes muslim JUST to show me, JUST to get married with me, Its gonna be SIN on me. I want she to become muslim from her true feelings and real feelings with that ALLAH is one and he is the god. I am trying my best to provide her knowledge of islam and to showing her the right path. Please tellme Should i force her? IF she refuses to embrace Islam, Can i marry her? Can I and her get married and lives as husband and wife?.
Added on: 15-Apr-2005 Hits: 1071

 Does a son or daughter have the right to refuse the person whom the parents choose for them to marry 
Question: To what extent to parents have right to chose your life partner?what if they force you to get married to someone in the family and that's the not the ultimate choice in mind to what extent are you convicted if you refuse.Do you have the right to opposed to the choice that your parents have choosen for you?.
Added on: 20-Feb-2005 Hits: 1026

 Man writing romantic letters to his former wife 
Question: Is it halal or haram for a person to write or call former spouse in romantic way after that person is remarried and also is it approprieate to keep former spouse's cards and pictures in the bedroom where newly married couple resides?
Added on: 23-Feb-2005 Hits: 995

 Conditions for valid marriage contract 
Question: What is the correct Islamic procedure for a marriage ceremony, I mean if two Muslims are married (legally) without the presence of a religious "person" (like imam etc.), does that mean the marriage is non-existent in terms of Islam?
Added on: 20-Feb-2005 Hits: 971

 Her husband only gives her maintenance, and he lives far away from her. Can she ask for a divorce? 
Question: Peace be upon you, and the mercy of Allaah, I have been divorced (with talaaq) two times. The first time was because I asked my husband to give me and my children just one day each month when we could sit together, against his wishes and those of his family. The second time was because he loves another woman and he humiliates me in front of my children, and he shows favour to her and does not care about my feelings or the feelings of my children. He tells her that he loves her on the phone, where I can see and hear him, even though he is not married to her. Now he had traveled and left me alone with our children, and he has no connection with us apart from some money which he sends via his family. If I get divorced, will Allaah compensate me with something better and make me independent of means by His bounty, and will He compensate me for the wrongs that have been done to me by this hard-hearted man? Or will that mean that I am not content with the decree of Allaah? Do I have the right to have a husband with whom I can live in love, mercy and tranquility, or do I have to put up with living a life of humiliation, me and my children, for the sake of this monthly allowance that he sends via his family in order to humiliate me even further? Am I regarded as patient or as weak and broken because I have put up with this life for 11 years for fear of the word of divorce?.
Added on: 23-Feb-2005 Hits: 917

 If she asks for a divorce then gets married, does she have the right to custody of her children? 
Question: I am about to get my marriage annuled by a counsil of iman primarily because i have enough islamic grounds for it and because my spouse does not want to give me talaaq or to accept khaula.The iman even mentioned to him that i am not his property to force me to live with him.I have 3 children which in the iman's opinion for the best welfare of the children it's better to be under my custody.iman'comments about my spuse's character "he can not be trusted, he uses the name of shariah for his own purposes." Because my iddah did not even started i am shy to ask this question: if i find a brother that wishes to marry me, do i loose automatically the custody or the welfare of the children is considered? do you have any hadith towards this issue? the mother after getting married with another brother kept the custody of the children. by the law of the land i will get the full custody ; however i fear ALLH(swt) and i do not want to go against shariah.
Added on: 17-Feb-2005 Hits: 875

 A Christian woman is asking whether her marriage to a Muslim is valid 
Question: I am a Christian woman, recently married to a Muslim man. Due to our different beliefs, we were married in a courthouse, as opposed to a Mosque. Does the Muslim belief still see this as a "real" marriage? I have researched this, and was surprised to read that the Islam belief does not honor this as a real wedding? Please confirm...I am very much in love with this man!
Added on: 15-Apr-2005 Hits: 851

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